The general operation of Middlesex University Real Tennis Club is managed under the direction of the Board of Directors of MURTC Ltd delegated to the Club Management Committee. A Club Professional acting as Head of Real Tennis is responsible for the day to day business of running the Club.

The following Club Rules are designed to make playing tennis at Middlesex a pleasurable experience for all. This means being clear what members can expect for their membership and what is expected of them. By becoming a member or continuing as a member of the Club you are agreeing to adhere to the Club Rules.

Membership, court fees, and other charges

  1. Membership of the Club is open to anyone, for both university and non-university membership, by application on the appropriate form. The Board of MURTC Ltd, in consultation with the Management Committee will approve all applications, has the right to refuse an application for Club membership, or cancel Club membership, in any case where they deem a person to be unsuitable to be a member of the Club. Their decision is final. There are several categories of membership; full membership, associate membership, membership for MU students, post-graduates, MU staff, those who are under 28 years of age, family membership and juniors 18 years old or under.
  2. The Club collects member subscriptions from members monthly by GoCardless (direct debit) on the 1st of every month for their continuing membership. All members are required to use this payment method. If the Club is registered for Gift Aid members will be requested to sign Gift Aid forms to assist the Club to obtain the tax refund from HMRC.
  3. Setting up the GoCardless direct debit for payment of a subscription is deemed to be formal acceptance of these Rules
  4. Members will contract directly with the Professionals for their court fees, lesson fees, and expenditure at the Pro shop. They will receive an account monthly detailing these from the Club Professionals. Members with playing rights are required to set up a GoCardless direct debit with the Professionals for payment of these amounts direct to them. If a member has agreed another method of payment with the Professionals, their invoice should be paid either on receipt, but in any event within 30 days.
  5. Members whose subscriptions, or other monies due to MURTC Ltd or the Professionals, remain unpaid for more than 60 days, despite a reminder from either a member of the MURTC Management Committee or the Professionals will not be permitted access to the court until such monies owned are paid in full.
  6. Membership subscriptions vary according to category of membership. These are set out in Table 1 in the Appendix together with related restrictions on access to the court. This is accurate at the date of issuing these Club Rules, but the Management Committee of MURTC Ltd reserves the right to change them at any time after giving due notice to members.
  7. Membership of any category can only be changed or cancelled by giving notice of 2 months of ceasing or changing membership. This is to be by an email communication addressed to the Head of Real Tennis at Notice of cessation or membership change is only accepted when acknowledged with a cancellation date confirmed. Cancellation or membership change will operate 2 months from the end of the month in which notice is given.
  8. Members cancelling their membership and re-joining the Club within 6 months will be charged a re-joining fee equivalent to 4 months subscription unless rule 9 applies.
  9. Members in exceptional circumstances e.g. relocation or long-term injury may apply to the General Manager to freeze or cancel membership giving 1 months’ notice with suitable supporting documents if required. Monthly subscriptions will continue to be payable during any notice period.
  10. The Club handles and stores member details and data solely for the purposes of the effective running of the Club and adheres to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Members will be asked to give their consent under this regulation, and it is not possible to be a member and play without the Club holding this data.
  11. The Tennis and Rackets Association (T & RA) owns the RTO booking system, enabling Real Tennis players to book courts direct through the internet, and runs the worldwide handicapping system. Members are required to join the T & RA (The Professionals will assist with this).This allows use of the RTO booking system, to have a recognised handicap, enabling you to play in competitions as a Club member, and play as a guest at other clubs.
  12. Members of the Club agree that their contact details can be passed to other members of the Club for the purposes of arranging matches and fixtures or for the purposes of Club administration by the Club Professionals or officers. The Club undertakes not to pass on their contact details to any commercial third party or non-member without their express permission.
  13. Courts are currently for 70 minutes. The length of court bookings is at the discretion of the Management Committee in consultation with the Professionals and may be changed with due notice. They may be booked on line ( or by telephone (0208 457 9568). Hours of play are 06.30 a.m. to 10.50 pm Monday to Sunday.
  14. The court may be closed on selected Bank Holidays and during the Christmas period or have restricted access hours. It may also be closed to members when the Club is hosting national competitions and National League matches and other special events as well as for maintenance.
  15. Court fees vary according to type of membership and these are set out in Table 2 in the Appendix. The Professionals in consultation with the Management Committee agree these charges and reserve the right to apply further discounts and premiums to court fees in occasional and special circumstances which might include corporate, school and youth programme bookings.
  16. Once booked members will be responsible for paying for the court they have booked unless they cancel it at least 48 hours in advance.
  17. Cancellations: If a member finds that they cannot make a reserved court, for whatever the reason, the normal cancellation rules apply (48 hours’ notice). The Professionals will do their best to find another player. However, if the notice given is too late and your opponent has left for the court and a Professional has to stand in for you, you will be charged your side of the court fee and the relevant Professional’s fee.
  18. The partner finding service: If the Professionals cannot find you an opponent, they will call you in good time (2 hours before). There is no charge for booking a court if an opponent cannot be found unless you decide to take the court as a practice court and pay the full court cost. As an alternative, one of the Professionals may be available to give you a lesson or a game if you wish (full court and Professionals’ fees apply).
  19. Members wishing to play in Club matches should respond to the match manager as soon as possible. They must advise the match manager if for some reason they are unable to play immediately that becomes known.
  20. Lessons may be booked with the Club Professionals either at the court or online. If, for some reason the Professionals(s) are unavailable at that time they will contact you as soon as possible to rearrange. The current rates are posted in the Pro’s office and on the website. From time to time special lesson packages may be offered, especially during the summer season (June – September).
  21. The Pro-shop is run by the Club Professionals. Purchases from the shop, including drink and confectionary, will be collected by the Club in its the Professionals on their monthly invoices if not paid for at time of purchase. When self-serving from the fridge situated in the Club room, members are required to note down the items taken for later billing. It is an offence against the Club rules to take items from the fridge without noting down the items taken. Any penalty or disciplinary action will be considered by the Management Committee.
  22. Members will be billed monthly by the Professionals with an account of all their expenditure by with them. If a member has a query, then this should be raised immediately with them. Undisputed items are to be paid to the Professionals as normal via GoCardless
  23. If a member’s account with the Club or the Professionals is overdue for more than 60 days, the Club reserves the right to refuse their court bookings or to allow that member to play on the court. This rule includes a member playing as an opponent, or as a double’s player on another player’s booking, or playing in Club matches.

On and around the court

  1. MURTC aspires to maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and sportsmanship on and off the court. Members are expected to adhere to such standards always when on the Club premises and when representing the Club (whether at the Club premises or elsewhere). Members should be respectful to other members, visiting players and staff both on and off court. Please see the players code of conduct on the noticeboard outside the office, by the court and on the MURTC website.
  2. As part of the Club’s efforts to provide a safe playing experience as a result of Covid-19 or any similar declared pandemic, Members are required to follow any regulations and guidance in respect of access, entry and exit to the court, occupation and use of Club space, facilities, and distancing while on court specified by the Club following, T & RA, University and government requirements when visiting Club and University premises, as well as any additional regulations introduced by the Board and Management Committee. Failure to do so will result in being temporarily suspended from membership, and prevention from entering Club premises.
  3. Members are expected to dress appropriately on court and in Club areas with clean shirt, shorts, and appropriate footwear on court. For Club matches all white kit is required. Players shall wear clean tennis shoes with non-marking soles to avoid damage to the Court floor. Tennis shoes should not be put on before entering the Club area. The Professionals’ / Head of Real Tennis’s decision is final on appropriate or inappropriate dress and they can prevent a member or player from going on court if necessary. An appeal can be made to the Management Committee.
  4. At the end of a court booking players should finish promptly and not encroach onto the time of other players. It is reasonable to complete a point but not a game or set unless consent is received from the next booked players. Players should leave the court clear and tidy for the next players with all balls out of the side galleries and back in the basket.
  5. Real tennis is fun but can be dangerous. Members play at their own risk and should not take undue risks on court through reckless play and are advised to wear protective glasses which are available at the side of the court. Standing in the door to the court while play is in progress or while players are knocking up is not permitted without wearing protective head gear and eye protectors.
  6. Members must not intentionally hit court surfaces and furniture with their rackets or damage them in any way or indulge in dangerous play. Any player found doing this will be reported to the Management Committee for disciplinary action. In serious cases, at the discretion of the Professionals, the player can be told to come off court.
  7. Players who are last on court or in the court area at night must ensure court windows are closed and the access door to the Dedans is locked and all lights are switched off. If the back door at the very end of the hazard galleries is open this must be closed and locked on leaving the court.
  8. Very occasionally the court may not be fit for play. In those circumstances the advice of the Head of Real Tennis or the Club Head Professional must be accepted.
  9. Members are expected to leave the changing rooms clean and tidy and put used towels in the basket provided. All belongings should be taken away and not left lying around the court or changing room areas.
  10. CCTV is in operation in the Club Room and tennis court. Please contact the Head of Real Tennis if you would like more information on the use and security surrounding CCTV.

Club Facilities

  1. There are lockers for keeping clothes and valuables securely. Members are encouraged to use these or to take their valuables with them. Locker tokens are available from the office. The Club, MURTC Ltd or Middlesex University are not responsible for any loss suffered by members or their guests.
  2. The kitchen, the Club area with the table, and the seating area behind the Dedans and the galleries, when used by members, must be left in a clean and tidy state after use. Any unused food and drink and other rubbish must be cleared away and surfaces wiped. If crockery & cutlery is used, then this must be loaded into the dishwasher.
  3. If members have a concern about the state of the changing rooms, kitchen or seating areas or notice any damage they should report it immediately to the Head of Real Tennis.
  4. The office and work area in the gallery are the domain of the Head of Tennis and Club Professionals. Members are always welcome to visit and speak with them, but they should also respect this area as their workspace.
  5. Certain areas immediately around the court are Club areas. These areas include: On the Ground Floor (i) The Dedans room which contains the long oak dining table and benches; (ii) Changing rooms; (iii) WCs; (iv)Kitchen; and In the Top Gallery (v) The Professionals’ office and reception room. These areas are for the use of Club members only. However, non-Club members, such as staff and students of the University, may pass along the top gallery, down the stairs and wait outside the Dedans room in order to gain access to the University’s exercise studio which is on the ground floor and next to the Dedans room.
  6. Whilst these areas are reserved to the Club, the Club occupies its space within Middlesex University and shares common access space. Club members should always be courteous to staff and students they encounter particularly in the access routes of the gallery and area by the entry door to the Club room and court; and be helpful to any who may be showing an interest in activity on court.
  7. The results of games played should be either given to the Professionals or entered via the T & RA website. The computers in the Club must not be used for any other purpose other than Club business. There is Wi-Fi access at the Club and members are welcome to take advantage of this using their own devices either in the members’ area in the gallery or behind the Dedans.

MURTC Ltd and Middlesex University

  1. Parking: Members can park in the Middlesex University car park located off Greyhound Hill. Parking is shared with Middlesex University. If all spaces are taken, then members will be expected to find alternative parking outside of the campus. There is sometimes additional parking off Church Road at the side of the university. If parking for any court booking is essential, then prior notice should be given to the Club Professionals who in consultation with Middlesex University may be able to reserve a space for you. MURTC Club parking permits, obtainable from the Head of Real Tennis, should be always displayed on your vehicle dashboard.
  2. Parking Disclaimer: Vehicles and their contents are left here entirely at owner or driver risk. Middlesex University and the Middlesex University Real Tennis Club do not accept responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents.
  3. Club members should always remember that they are guests on the Middlesex University campus and act appropriately. Club members are responsible for the behaviour of their guests on campus and on court and in Club areas.
  4. MURTC runs student mentoring programmes with Middlesex University. All members are encouraged to volunteer and help. This is an important part of our covenant with the university for being on their campus.

Other Regulations

  1. Members are required to comply with regulations in so far as they apply to the Club contained in current Health and Safety Acts and Child Protection Regulations and the Members and Guests Code of Conduct, all of which are displayed on the noticeboard in the upper gallery.


  1. Any dispute about play and the rules of the game of tennis will be settled by the Head of Real Tennis and the Head Professionals and their decision is final.
  2. Any dispute or complaints concerning membership, payments, access to the Club or behaviour on court, in the Club areas or involving University staff or students, should first be referred to the Head of Real Tennis. If the issue is not resolved, then it will be referred to the Management Committee, with a right to appeal to the Board of MURTC Ltd.

Cancellation or amendment of membership

  1. These rules are for the guidance of members and staff to ensure that everyone can enjoy their tennis and the Club facilities. MURTC Ltd carries final responsibility for what happens at the Club and reserves the right to cancel or amend the membership of any member who ignores or contravenes the Club Rules or acts in any way that spoils the enjoyment of other Club members.


Approved by the Management committee 24 September 2020

Approved by the Board 25 September 2020



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